OceanSODA at Living Planet Symposium

Peter Land presenting OceanSODA at Living Planet Symposium

OceanSODA was well represented at this years Living Planet Symposium in Milan, with Peter Land presenting on using remote sensing to monitor the marine carbonate system in a well attended Surface Ocean and Lower Atmosphere session. Using results from the previous ESA PATHFINDERS project, he described the current capabilities and challenges of using empirical relationships to calculate synoptic scale dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity from satellite derived sea surface temperature and salinity data. The OceanSODA project was introduced in the context of detecting low pH up-welling regions, with a discussion of how OceanSODA will build on previous developments using and a nine-year time series to quantify the temporal dynamics of episodic ocean acidity events. Building a better understanding of events will support policy and planning for marine conservation of reef ecosystems and monitoring the health of wild fisheries.

If you missed the talk you can download the slides here.